Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Much needed and long awaited update

Well, time has really flown by. Lexie turned four last week, and this blog update is long overdue. There are several new entries below. Enjoy!

Happy 4th Birthday Lexie!!!!

It's hard to believe our little girl is already 4. Here are just a few of the pics from the festivities.

"I had my party at Menchie's. I love their frozen yogurt."

"Chocolate yogurt with blueberries: my favorite."

"Lots of my friends came to my party."

"It was SO much fun!"

"Don't worry, I got them all out."

Enjoying a tea party

"This thing is great! Now, I can cut the grass with Daddy."

"Pancakes with candles? It's my birthday. Why not?!?!"

A visit to the cabbage patch

We paid a visit to Babyland General Hospital where Lexie loved seeing all the Cabbage Patch babies.

"I saw a lot of babies and even held a few,"

"but Riley was the one I decided to take home."

GulfCoast Getaway 2012

Another trip to PCB for GulfCoast Getaway. This one was special as Lexie was able to really sing along with many of the songs and enjoy the worship with hundreds of college students including her GCSC family.

"Breakfast on the balcony overlooking the ocean, I could get used to this."

Fun in the sun

Playing with Mattie C

All played out

"Dad, please. You're embarrassing me...and mom...and yourself."

"Besides, this is how you jump!"

First Haircut

After nearly 4 years, Lexie got her first haircut. We donated her hair to cancer patients through Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

Not really sure about getting her hair washed this way

With it all clean it was time to get her hair cut.

A lollipop made things better.

The first cut...ever

Mr. William at Alps Barber and Salon did a great job.

Finally a smile

"All of this used to be on my head."



Christmas 2011

Ice cream cone Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, presents, Christmas night in a hotel and the Pink Pig made for a fantastic December.

"Camryn and Jace came over to make Christmas trees out of ice cream cones."

"Now for some decorations."

"My masterpiece is complete!"

Next it was time to make cookies

"Baking is the best!"

Looking forward to making a gingerbread house

"Let's start with some peppermints on the roof."

"I got this great princess jeep for Christmas."

Getting the hang of the whole unwrapping thing

Christmas morning aftermath

A Christmas morning concert

"I'm just checking to make sure nothing is hiding at the bottom of my stocking."

"Oh wow! This is awesome!"

"Umm, I don't drink coffee, but I'll open it anyway."

Checking out what the hotel has to offer (just like Mommy does)

"Daddy! Do you want anything from room service?"

Spending some time in the hotel pool

"A pool that's inside and has warm water. This is great!"

Christmas tradition: scratch off lottery tickets and win nothing

Enjoying the Macy's Pink Pig

A Busy October

October was a busy month. Between the GCSC Fall Retreat and Halloween, Lexie barely had time to keep up with her art.

"Pink and brown is one of my favorite color combinations."

"But the white in this one is pretty cool too."

Just hanging around at the GCSC Fall Retreat

"Let's go for a hike. I've got my walking stick."

Kicked off the shoes to explore the river

Minnie Mouse is ready for Trunk or Treat

Sampling the snacks, you have to make sure they're good before you hand them out, right?

Ready to trick or treat with Avery and Katie Mei

"I found a Mikey Mouse pumpkin!"

Changed into a ladybug costume to check out her loot